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Safe 3 // Thermal Body Temperature Solutions

What is the Safe 3?

The Safe 3 Body Temperature Scanner and Body Temperature Thermal Camera System Provide non-contact temperature measurement based on AI Intelligence in order to help provide safety and security measures during Covid-19.

SAFE 3 - by ICAS Corp – are innovative input monitoring tools that provide security and peace of mind to your employees and customers entering your establishment.
SAFE 3 allows you to detect in a practical way without the help of staff, the temperature of people accessing a private or public space.
SAFE 3 installs easily and quickly at the entrance of private spaces and public spaces, immediately allowing the devices to be fully operational.

SAFE 3 // Body Temperature Kiosk

Thermal body temperature scanners produced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will provide peace of mind for students, staff, customers, and citizens when entering a public and/or private facility. Installed at any entrance, temperature scanners detect a fever in any individual entering an enclosed area. Different options for the temperature scanner include a mountable camera or a kiosk, each detecting temperature in under 1 second.

SAFE 3 // Thermal Body Temperature Camera

This technology supplied by ICAS is the only one on the market that can identify individuals presenting a fever in a flow of people with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees. The body temperature detection system non-invasively can scan up to 16 people every frame (30ms). By incorporating standard optics and, using the thermal camera, the system measures the temperature of the forehead and transforms it into body temperature, thus reporting cases of fever with almost absolute precision. This product uses a contextual camera with high-precision thermal sensing to read the frontal temperature. The algorithm considers the influence given by the surrounding air, including the presence of a computerized thermoregulator in the environment, and obtains the exact body temperature. The operators are alerted of irregular temperature through any multimedia device available, from the PC to the smartphone. An archive allows you to store individuals and their temperatures for later review or search.

SAFE 3 // Professional installation

Our experienced technicians can install Safe 3 Temperature scanning solutions in the Tri-State Area (NY, CT, NJ), Long Island, and Florida. ICAS Corp. has extensive experience in installations and refinement of technological systems.



SAFE 3 - By ICAS Corp. is not a medical device. It cannot detect COVID-19 or ensure that no one carrying the virus will enter the workplace.

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